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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 25

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The steel behind the bleachers is really beginning to take shape now.

BCB's David Sameshima returned to Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon and filed this report on the ongoing work:

I arrived just after 3:00 p.m. It was 24 degrees (+13 wind chill). Shortly after I arrived, light flurries started. I intended on first visiting the area where the temporary overhead bridge is being installed for the new broadcast center at the corner of Waveland and Seminary. The first thing I saw was the new patio being built behind the scoreboard, so I headed there first. In some of the photos you might see sparks. A welder was working on a piece of steel on the ground. This new section is not yet connected to the portion of the patio, already up in left-center field.In a few photos, you can see how far the new left field upper deck digital sign has been installed. In one photo there is a worker with a circular saw cutting into the concrete in right-center field. There is a cloud of dust enveloping him. There were also a number of workers in right field today, working around the foundation and inner bleacher wall.Due to the planned work at Waveland and Seminary, access is restricted in that area. The Waveland Avenue sidewalk is closed on the east end at Kenmore Avenue. It is closed on the west end at Clifton Avenue. When I made it over to that end, there was really nothing to photograph. There was no sign of the bridge being constructed yet.

As you can see, work is continuing despite the frigid temperatures. It's my understanding that the only thing that will really slow down the work is high winds or very heavy snow. David will return to Wrigley again later this week.