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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 27

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Here's something you haven't seen before in this update series.

I arrived at 3:45 p.m. It was 17 degrees (+5 wind chill). I headed over to Waveland Avenue right away to check out the temporary broadcast cable bridge. I had heard that it had gone up on Thursday.The bridge appears to be elevated on very temporary-looking supports. I am curious if more substantial temporary supports will be later installed. I am also curious if the bridge will be extended further, as I am not clear about exactly where the TV broadcast trucks will be parked this season. The new TV broadcast center is scheduled to be built at the corner of Waveland Avenue and Clifton Avenue. This would place it in the Yellow Lot. To reach the Yellow Lot, another bridge would be needed to go over the alley that services the east side of Clifton. The TV broadcast trucks might temporarily park in the south end of the Blue Lot this season. This would be closer to the ballpark. Permanent underground broadcast cables are scheduled to be installed underneath Waveland for the 2016 season.Waveland was reopened to traffic and the sidewalks were reopened as well. Only the area underneath the north end of the bridge was still roped off. Waveland was still a busy place, with a lot of equipment using it. The Blue Lot was also very active today, being used as a staging area for equipment.I did not see any steel going up in the bleachers, but there were steel beams being delivered to Waveland today. My main goal today was to the photograph the new bridge, so I did not bring my monopod today. That is why you won't see any over the fence photographs in this update. There really wasn't anything new to photograph over the fence anyway.It appears that the segments for the first-base line upper deck digital display sign are lined up in the front rows of the upper deck awaiting installation. The work site was still pretty active when I was leaving. Concrete trucks were still arriving, and they were still working in the triangle lot and under the marquee.

According to the Cubs, the bridge is 17 feet high, so it will be high enough for the fire truck and tour buses to go beneath. It's kind of a strange addition to the neighborhood, but as noted, it's only for one year until the Cubs can locate all the broadcast cables underground.