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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 4, Part 1

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After a few days, we have more photos -- with steel going up!

You might have wondered why there haven't been any construction photos from Wrigley Field in a week. It's because David Sameshima is battling a really bad cold. He did manage to get there on Sunday and is going to send some cool-looking photos taken while it was snowing heavily. He also made a Wrigley visit today and we'll have those photos later.

In the meantime, Mike Bojanowski sent me this selection of photos he took at Wrigley Field Wednesday afternoon. He mentioned that construction appeared to be going "full blast," and we have the first image of steel beams going up on the Waveland side of the bleachers (photos 6 and 8), as well as of steel being set in the triangle lot (photo 9).

As noted, this is just a quick update of the work going on Wednesday; David is sending over a couple of photo sets that I'll have posted either later today or early tomorrow. But I wanted to get you updated on what's going on.