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Cubs Spring-Training Broadcast Schedule

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30 of the 33 spring games will be on radio, TV or

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The Cubs usually announce broadcast schedules via press release. That didn't happen today; instead, their spring-training broadcast schedule first came out in this article.

Which was written by Adam McCalvy. Who, if you don't know, is the beat writer for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Odd, I know. Anyway, 10 spring-training games will be televised on Cubs channels. That inlcudes seven on CSN Chicago and three on WGN-TV -- remember "WGN" now means Chicago over-the-air only. Also, one game will be on ESPN, and see below for five additional games. Eight games will be on WBBM-780 and the Cubs Radio Network (which I'm still trying to confirm which stations are on the network) and 21 will be on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie.

Len and Jim Deshaies will call the TV games and Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer will be on the WBBM radio call.

Here's the full broadcast schedule. All games start at 2:05 CT through March 7 and at 3:05 CT from March 8 on, except as noted.

• Thursday, March 5 vs. Oakland Athletics (ss) --
• Friday, March 6 vs. Cincinnati Reds --
• Saturday, March 7 at Colorado Rockies -- WBBM 780 (3:10 p.m.)
• Sunday, March 8 vs. Texas Rangers -- WBBM 780
• Monday, March 9 vs. San Diego Padres --
• Tuesday, March 10 at Cleveland Indians --
• Wednesday, March 11 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers --
• Thursday, March 12 at Los Angeles Angels -- (3:10 p.m.)
• Friday, March 13  vs. Cleveland Indians (ss) --
• Friday, March 13 vs. Oakland Athletics (ss) in Las Vegas -- CSN-TV (7:05 p.m.)
• Saturday, March 14 at Milwaukee Brewers (ss) -- WBBM 780
• Sunday, March 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds -- WGN-TV, WBBM 780
• Monday, March 16 at San Diego Padres --
• Tuesday, March 17 vs. Kansas City Royals --
• Wednesday, March 18 at Los Angeles Dodgers --    
• Thursday, March 19 at Arizona Diamondbacks -- CSN-TV, (8:40 p.m.)
• Friday, March 20 at Chicago White Sox --
• Saturday, March 21 vs. Seattle Mariners -- WBBM 780
• Sunday, March 22  vs. San Diego Padres -- CSN-TV, WBBM 780
• Monday, March 23  OFF DAY  
• Tuesday, March 24 at Oakland Athletics --
• Wednesday, March 25 at Seattle Mariners -- CSN-TV, (9:05 p.m.)
• Thursday, March 26  vs. Los Angeles Angels -- ESPN TV, (6:05 p.m.)
• Friday, March 27 vs. Chicago White Sox -- CSN-TV,
• Saturday, March 28 vs. Colorado Rockies (ss) -- WBBM 780
• Sunday, March 29 at Kansas City Royals -- WGN-TV, WBBM 780
• Monday, March 30 vs. San Francisco Giants -- CSN-TV,
• Tuesday, March 31 at Texas Rangers --
• Wednesday, April 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers -- CSN-TV,
• Thursday, April 2 OFF DAY
• Friday, April 3 at Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field -- (8:40 p.m.)
• Saturday, April 4 at Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field -- WGN-TV, (3:10 p.m.)

If you sign up for, or already have, an account at, you can listen to the games free. subscribers will get the TV games (as far as I know), and the following games not being carried by CSN or WGN or ESPN are being televised by the Cubs' opponent:

Tuesday, March 10 vs. Indians: Sports Time Ohio
Saturday, March 14 vs. Brewers: FSN Wisconsin
Monday, March 16 vs. Padres: Fox Sports San Diego
Friday, March 20 vs. White Sox: CSN Chicago (with Sox announcers)
Tuesday, March 31 vs. Rangers: TXA-21

So, that's five more games you can watch if you have a subscription beyond the 11 on the calendar list above. This is more TV coverage than the Cubs have ever had for their spring schedule. There could be more TV games added to this list via other Cubs opponents; if I find any I'll add them here.