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Welington Castillo, Travis Wood Could Be Traded Before Spring Training

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The Cubs have a surplus of catchers and starting pitchers, but that could change.

Write your own caption. What are Travis and Welington saying?
Write your own caption. What are Travis and Welington saying?
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

But first, another rumor.

Late Wednesday night, CSN Chicago's David Kaplan wrote that the Cubs are "kicking the tires" on James Shields.

This is all well and good, but in the end I don't think the Cubs have the money to sign Shields. He does have a relationship with Joe Maddon, having pitched for him for seven years with the Rays. Personally? I'd be surprised if he became a Cub. Then again, I've been surprised by this team before. So we'll see.

Buried in a tweet from Kaplan, but a story that is just as interesting and more likely to happen, are two possible trade candidates:

Well, they've got two weeks, as Cubs pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report 14 days from today. Obviously, Castillo is superfluous as the Cubs have Miguel Montero and David Ross to cover the catching spot, and while Wood could be a rotation candidate, so could several others. The Cubs could get decent value in return for one or both -- I'd assume prospects.

So... your turn. Who would you want for Castillo and Wood? Would you keep either or both? Have at it.