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Wrigley Field Construction Update: February 4, Part 2

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David's back on the scene... and steel beams are going up!

Now that we've caught you up with what Wrigley Field looks like during a blizzard, posted earlier this afternoon, here's David Sameshima's return to the ballpark. He's still battling his cold, but filed this report:

Since I am still fighting a cold, I had only planned on making a very quick visit to the ballpark. As I walked down Clark Street, a worker let me know that steel started going up this morning. I made my way toward the bleachers, and saw some gray colored beams standing vertically on Waveland Avenue. These were behind the center-field bleachers. With the heavy snowfall this week, it was difficult to walk up to the fence line. I do dress accordingly, so I am prepared to walk through knee-high snow. Today I found waist-high snow drifts. Construction crews were also helping out, with Bobcats plowing the sidewalks. As a result there were chest high snow piles in some areas.

David does plan to start making return visits to the park on a regular basis, but says it depends on the weather and also how he feels. It's good to see the steel start going up -- I figured that once this happened, the rest of the job could be completed fairly quickly. Since we know they have until May 11 to finish, they can make sure everything's done right.