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Four Finalists For South Bend Cubs New Mascot

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There are four candidates that you can vote for.

Today the South Bend Cubs announced that they had narrowed down the 350 names submitted for their new pants-wearing mascot down to four. The final four candidates are:

Ben D. Bear


Harry Beary


You can vote for your favorite at the South Bend Cubs Facebook page here.

The South Bend Cubs also noted that many people submitted names honoring Ernie Banks. (I didn't actually submit one, but that was my idea and that was even before Mr. Cub passed.) While those names did not make the final list, they said they will honor Banks in some way this upcoming season.

In any case, remember that these mascots are designed to appeal to kids and to keep them entertained during the games. So if the finalist seem to skew a bit young, there's a reason for that.

I've included a poll here so if you want to make your opinion known here, you may. It might be fun to see how your choices agree or differ with the actual voting on the SB Cubs Facebook page.