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Cub Tracks Consults A Dictionary

Joe Maddon calls Arismendy Alcantara a name. But not a bad one. Javier Baez really likes Manny Ramirez. Plus news on players galore, gifts for an alma mater, draft pools, and amping up your beer in Sunday's Cub Tracks.

Hey Mendy, how does it feel to be ubiquitous?
Hey Mendy, how does it feel to be ubiquitous?
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently my vocabulary isn't what I thought it was. People start throwing around four-syllable words and I have to break out my copy of Webster's. That might explain why I'm such a numbers guy.

Here's the latest from around the web:

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From Cubs Den:

  • John Arguello looks at one of the changes that Javier Baez is working on with his swing: lowering his hands.

From Bleacher Nation:

Today's food for thought: