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A Cubs-White Sox Idea: The Banks-Minoso Cup

Here's a great idea to honor two baseball icons.

David Banks/Getty Images

I can't take credit for this idea because it's not mine, but I'm certainly going to strongly advocate for it:

Great idea, Bruce. I can't think of two men who were better ambassadors for baseball than Ernie Banks and Minnie Minoso, both great players and icons of their respective franchises. Ernie was enshrined in baseball's Hall of Fame in 1977 and Minnie should have been -- he was one the most dominating players of the 1950s:

I'm writing about this because I think both teams should agree to do it. We formerly had the "BP Cup" given to the winner of the season series between the Cubs and White Sox, but that sponsorship ended a couple of years ago. It would be a much better tribute and honor to the traditions and histories of these franchises to call it the Banks-Minoso Cup.

So I join with Bruce Miles in urging Cubs and White Sox ownership, management and marketing people to make this happen. The Cubs and White Sox will meet July 10-11-12 at Wrigley Field and August 14-15-16 at the Cell, plenty of time to make this happen.