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Cub Tracks Makes A Minor Tweak

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What's to be done when five outlets cover the same story? The answer to that question plus good neighbors, the Twitter Mailbag, the value of managers, and a birthday for a telescope in Tuesday's Cub Tracks.

Don't worry, Javy.  Maddon's got your back.
Don't worry, Javy. Maddon's got your back.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I'm trying something a little bit different in this installment of Cub Tracks... there are many times in the course of my searches where I'll find the same story (or a very similar one) posted by multiple outlets and end up posting the first one that I see while skipping the others.  This time I'm adding links to the other stories as well and noting them with an "Also covered by" notation, just in case there's a source that you like more than others.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.

With that in mind, here's the latest from around the web:

From Comcast SportsNet Chicago:


From ESPN Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:

From the Daily Herald:

From Cubs Den:

From Bleacher Nation:

From Chicago Cubs Online:

From Cubs Insider:

Today's food for thought: