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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 12

Lots of steel moving into place on a beautiful Thursday at the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima made a point of taking the first six photos in this gallery to illustrate how there are no longer any stairs connecting the left-field and right-field bleachers to center field. As noted yesterday, the stairs are being relocated behind the bleachers, near the back of the scoreboard. But those stairs have yet to be built.

Here's the rest of David's report:

I arrived at 4:45pm. It was 54 degrees, with no wind chill. I checked again at 5:30pm. By then the temperature had dropped to 44 degrees, with a 40 degree wind chill.There was a lot of dust, everywhere around the ballpark. When I arrived, there was a bit of a ballet going on, under the marquee. One concrete truck had to maneuver, to allow another concrete truck to leave. Then the second truck had to maneuver into the correct position. As the first truck departed, going west on Addison, it left a cloud of dust. I saw the dust cloud still going, past Racine Ave. I wasn't able to get my camera out fast enough.I saw the same scene with another concrete truck heading west on Waveland. There was a dust cloud enveloping Waveland Ave. The street sweeping truck was working, but could not keep up. The sweeping truck was also creating dust clouds as it patrolled around the ballpark. I neglected to mention yesterday, that I did realize something after I had left. I don't recall seeing any concrete trucks. Today I did see plenty of them.There wasn't much construction traffic on Waveland Ave today, so I was able to walk up to the triangle lot fence to take photos. There was also one section of tarp that was down, so I was able to take a photo there. There was more steel going up in left field. When I made it over to Sheffield, one section of the bleacher patio there was almost complete. It has not yet been connected to the portion behind the scoreboard. I did take some photos of the right field bleacher wall. Like yesterday, the sun was going down. I had to photograph right into the sun, so that limited the details that I could capture. When I got to Addison, I was surprised to see utility trucks parked, all along the street. They were packed up for the day, except for one crew still working on Sheffield Ave.If anyone plans to visit the ballpark, as I warned yesterday, please watch where you step. There are still a lot of "doggie surprises" along the Waveland and Sheffield sidewalks. Also do watch out for bicyclists. There are "No bicycles on the sidewalks" signs posted. Due to the street closures, bicyclists do continue to travel through on the sidewalks. With the warmer weather, there have been more people visiting. I've seen visitors stopping to take photos, or just taking a look at the ballpark. Then they turn around, or start walking, as a bicycle comes right by them.

David is planning on visiting the ballpark both Friday and Saturday so we'll have photos here over the weekend.