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Wrigley Field Construction Update, March 15: Special Aerial Edition

Here are views of Wrigley Field under construction from an angle you haven't seen before.

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As many of you know, I used to work at ABC-7 Chicago as a television director.

One of my co-workers was Colin Hinkle, who's an excellent photographer. In addition to his television work in Chicago for ABC-7 and CBS-2, he has shot some awesome aerial photography in and around the city, which you can see at his website Soaring Badger Productions. The "Chiberia" video you can see on the Soaring Badger website got quite a bit of worldwide attention back in January.

Sunday morning, March 15, Colin went to Wrigley Field to shoot some photos and video of the ballpark as it stands under construction today. You can see the still photos in the gallery above. The first photo in the gallery was taken last October from the same vantage point, before the demolition of the bleachers began.

Among the things you can really see quite well from these photos is just how large the left-field video board is going to be. The upright steel stanchions are now in place. There's much less work completed as of now in right field, so it's difficult to tell from the photos exactly how rooftop views might be blocked on Sheffield. But on Waveland? You can see from the photos that most of the existing rooftop views will continue to exist.

You can also see there's still quite a bit of work going on elsewhere in the ballpark, including the ribbon board installation on the upper-deck facade. You can see that best in photo 8 -- the left-field board appears longer than the one it replaced, but it doesn't cover the entire facade.

Finally, you can see in photos 5 and 11 that the triangle lot is still basically a construction site with a long way to go before completion.

In addition to the still photos, Colin put together the following video which I hope you'll enjoy. The video shows the ballpark last October, and then Sunday morning, for more comparison between what it looked like through the end of the 2014 season, and now under construction. For a larger version of the video via Vimeo go here. And definitely check out Colin's other videos, once again, at Soaring Badger Productions.