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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 14

Saturday was a very busy day in Wrigleyville.

Sunday evening, we had special aerial photos of the Wrigley construction project. ICYMI, go have a look at them -- they're awesome.

Now, let's catch up with photos from Saturday the ground from BCB's David Sameshima. In addition to much construction work on Wrigley Field, the area around the ballpark was busy with many people barhopping, celebrating St. Patrick's Day a bit early. Here is David's report from Saturday's activity:

I arrived around 4:30 p.m. It was 57 degrees. There was a lot of activity all around the ballpark. Concrete trucks were busy entering and leaving the job site, with lots of work going on in the triangle lot. Steel workers were working on both sides of the bleachers. I had to leave at 5:45 p.m., and they were still at it.I knew the new bleachers were going to be taller, but it was still shocking to see it in person. They have added the supports for the left field jumbotron. My guess is that the supports are as high as the three-story house directly across the street. The bleacher section going up in right field looks so tall. From the ground, it is hard to judge how high they are compared to the rooftop buildings.I planned to take a quick walk down Clark Street first, to take some photos of the bar scene on this St Patrick's Parade Day. I intentionally timed my visit to occur after the downtown parade ended. That's when the crowds spill off the CTA Red Line train into the neighborhood. I did take some photos to illustrate how congested the area becomes.I intentionally avoided taking photos in some of the most congested areas, since bar patrons would see my camera and insist on having their photo taken, thinking it was going to appear in the "newspaper." I didn't have the time to pretend to take their photo so they would leave me alone. I even had people leaning out of car windows wanting me to take their photo. Just wanted to let you know that my photos do not represent the most congested parts of the neighborhood. There was even a line going down the sidewalk to get into the Taco Bell on Addison.I was at Addison and Clark when I heard a fire truck approaching. I photographed a man walk out into the intersection as the fire truck was approaching (photo 16). I started heading north on Clark Street to get to Waveland, on my way to begin taking ballpark photos. I was in front of McDonald's when the truck stopped next to me. My guess is that the fire truck was on an ambulance assist. (Trucks are the ladder/tower trucks. Not fire engines.) This was Truck 44, from the station at Halsted and Diversey. It arrived before the ambulance. I could hear the ambulance stuck in traffic.After the truck pulls up, fights break out next to it. When the police arrive to break up the fight, another fight starts in front of the truck. See photos 25-32 for all of this. Finally police do take control, but now traffic is at a standstill on Clark Street. Southbound traffic on Clark begins to turn around where they could. The ambulance finally does arrive to respond to the original medical call.I walked away, since I still wanted to take photos of the ballpark. Before I left, a police wagon and supervisor pulled up. I don't know how they got through. I later heard that additional ambulances were requested at the McDonald's.When I got to Clark and Waveland, I was surprised to see a concrete truck leaving the triangle lot. I could see other concrete trucks in the lot. I was just surprised that these trucks were still working, despite the local traffic conditions.

The Saturday gallery starts with St. Patrick's Day revelers and then continues with construction photos. David did visit the ballpark Sunday afternoon; those photos will post here either later today or early tomorrow.