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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 15

Earlier, we had aerial photos from Sunday. Now, here are some Sunday Wrigley photos from the ground.

Catching up on photos from the weekend, here's David Sameshima's set from his visit to the ballpark Sunday afternoon, and his report:

I arrived at 4:30 p.m. It was 62 degrees. The first thing I noticed was that the marquee display was off. Oddly enough, the message board at Cubby Bear was also off. The next thing I did was to check out the Ron Santo statue. Mike Bojanowski had sent me a message asking if I knew when it had been removed. Mike was right, the statue was gone. Just after I took photos, one of the Cubs security staff walked by. I asked him. He informed me that it had been removed last Wednesday for restoration work. I hadn't noticed its absence.There was work going on today. The changes weren't as dramatic as the past few days, but they were making progress. Mike Bojanowski arrived, while I was there. He had started his visit from the other end of the balllpark. He let me know that there had been progress in the northwest corner. They have poured a new walkway in that corner outside the ballpark.

We stand 19 days from Opening Night as of today. They are definitely making progress, but there are still things we can't see... and though there are Jumbotron supports in place, there's no information yet on when the board itself will be installed. As always, we await developments.