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Scott Boras Blasts Cubs On Kris Bryant Decision... That Hasn't Yet Been Made

The high-powered agent has ripped Tom Ricketts and the Cubs. And Cubs management ripped right back!

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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- We've been discussing Kris Bryant's status for the 2015 Cubs for some time, and before I let you know what his agent Scott Boras said today, let me make my own position clear.

In a perfect world, of course Kris Bryant would start the year with the Cubs. He's demolishing spring-training pitching after crushing Double-A and Triple-A last year.

However, since the current MLB/MLBPA collective-bargaining agreement allows the Cubs to hold Bryant back in the minor leagues for 12 days in order to get an extra year of team control, of course they should do that. It's a sound baseball decision, as well as a business decision. I'm completely on board with management doing this.

Here's what Boras said, followed by a response from Theo Epstein, in a Ken Rosenthal article on

“Cubs ownership has a choice,” Boras told FOX Sports on Tuesday. “Are they going to present to their market that they are trying to win? Tom Ricketts said they were all about winning.

“When someone says it’s the system, no, it’s a choice -- the choice of winning.”

Cubs president Theo Epstein countered, “Kris Bryant's development path has absolutely nothing to do with ownership, period. As with all our baseball decisions, I will determine where Kris begins the 2015 season after consulting with members of our baseball operations staff. Comments from agents, media members and anybody outside our organization will be ignored.”

Well, you go, Theo. This is one of the strongest-worded statements I think I've ever seen from a baseball executive directed at an agent. Boras likes to think he runs things in baseball and it's nice to see Theo take him down a few notches.

The rest of Rosenthal's article is about Bryant's development -- and correctly states he needs to work more on defense, which he also will do the rest of spring camp.

Anyway, it seems certain Bryant will begin the season in Des Moines (or, actually, in Memphis April 9, where the I-Cubs open their season), which ought to be fine with everyone. I thought I'd give you another place to discuss this topic, along with a poll.