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2015 Wrigley Field Season Tickets

Here's a look at what season-ticket holders are receiving this week.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Since I'm in Arizona I am having my Wrigley Field season tickets held at the Cubs offices for pickup later.

But thanks to BCB's Mike Bojanowski, who received his Tuesday, here's a sample of what they look like.

There will be 81 different player photos, all from current players except for Opening Night, which, as you can see, features Ernie Banks in a 1957 photo (you can tell that from the stripe on the cap -- 1957 was the only year that particular style cap was worn).

There are a couple of interesting notes regarding these tickets. Photo 1 shows three of the tickets bleacher season-ticket holders received if they chose to relocate. I'll be receiving these as well.

The next set of three shows what bleacher season-ticket holders received for the 15 games that will be played with no bleachers. In order to give bleacher STH a complete set of tickets, those games were included in the package along with a "NOT VALID" note at the bottom instead of the usual scannable barcode. The other images above show samples of some of the player photos that will be used throughout the season.

The Wrigley tickets have a very similar look to the Sloan Park season tickets, photos of which I posted a month ago.

Thought you'd enjoy a look at these.