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Cub Tracks Prefers Bulldogs

Scott Boras is a bulldog. Or maybe he's a scorpion. He's certainly not a poodle. Those stories plus the continuing saga of three catchers, a bet with hoodies, a Willie Wonka analogy, and snow carrots in Thursday's Cub Tracks.

You know you don't want that stinkin' poodle.
You know you don't want that stinkin' poodle.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, it's still going. Sorry.

From Comcast SportsNet Chicago:


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Today's food for thought:

  • Fifty years ago, on March 18, 1965, the first spacewalk occurred from the Russian Voskhod-2 spacecraft -- and almost ended in disaster.
  • What do you get when meteorite fragments land in snow-covered ground? Snow carrots.