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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 18

As of Thursday, 17 days remain until Opening Night.

These photos were taken between 2-4 p.m. Wednesday. There is one new structure, the enclosure for the temporary player parking along the west side of Seminary (photos 17-19). I was told this was set up in less than two hours. Otherwise the work done was additions to what has long been underway. There's some new steel in the right-field corner (photos 25-28).Photos 8-11 are a good look at the jumbotron steel supports.Photos 2-6 show a mundane but essential job: reattaching the chainlink fence on the west side of the ballpark. This had been peeled back from the outside walls early on. About half of the chainlink has now been reattached. Photo 16 shows painting and touchup on the Addison Street side.Photos 20 and 21 show the new doors in right field. These will fold into fourths, and present a smaller footprint when opened.Photo 29 shows the new stairway in the left-field corner (northwest corner of the ballpark). Photo 30 is a view of the triangle lot, snapped when the gate was opened for a moment.A curiosity, at least to me, are the gaps deliberately placed in left and right fields, where the patio and bleacher steel don't quite meet (photos 12-14). They don't seem to be in alignment, either. Perhaps a construction expert can 'splain it for us.

As it says at the top of this post: 17 days left. We hope to have more photos here tomorrow.