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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 2 Media Tour

Chicago-based media got a look at the Wrigley Field project from the inside.

David Sameshima

Some of the things you’ve been hearing about the Wrigley Field construction project have turned out to be true.

I'm not in Chicago so couldn't participate in this, but the Cubs gave a tour of the ballpark to Chicago-based media Monday and according to several tweets, the left- and center-field bleachers will in fact open as scheduled May 11, but the right-field bleachers will be delayed beyond that. Here's some of the most important info:

Given that, President of Business Operations Crane Kenney says they hope to ramp up work:

So, when tickets go on sale this Friday, March 6, they will be selling bleacher tickets for games starting May 11. Obviously, with right field closed, they’ll sell fewer tickets to games before whatever date they think right field will be open. A later tweet from ESPN Chicago's Jon Greenberg indicated that the right-field bleacher opening would probably be "mid-June," which likely means the homestand beginning June 11 against Cincinnati. By then the Cubs will have played 28 home games.

Here are some photos from the inside of Wrigley, via tweets from the reporters who were there:

Finally, I know you were likely quite concerned about this, and here’s the definitive word:

They'll be playing baseball here in 34 days!