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Cubs vs. Angels Let It "B" Game Photos

A few shots from Thursday's "B" game from the camera of BCB's Danny Rockett

It was a really a cool experience to be able to watch and hear Major Leaguers playing in a ball game in a nearly empty stadium. Having never been to one before, I didn't know what to expect and figured at least a couple thousand people would show. It was really more like a couple hundred.

If you ever get the chance to attend one of these "B" games, you must. You can hear the snap of the ball in the mitt and the whoosh of a swung bat. You can hear players arguing about who is pitching when neither of them know the answer. You can hear Kyle Hendricks' mom cheer loudly for his surprise double and see Joe Maddon interact with a fan during the game after the man proclaimed loudly and strangely that he's from western Pennsylvania. Almost every kid gets a foul ball, and every fan gets an up close personal look at the best ball players in the world playing the game we all love.

Here are some photos I took. I sat farther away than Al did (he was right behind the Cubs dugout) because I was too afraid to take a line drive to the kisser and needed screen protection.