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'Respect Bald' Cubs Charity Event

BCB's Danny Rockett is gonna give his hair and money to Joe Maddon's "Respect Bald" charity event this Sunday, and you can help write them a big fat check.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While listening to Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie during the Cubs' 7-5 win over the Dodgers Wednesday afternoon, I heard a promo for an upcoming charity event helmed by Cubs skipper Joe Maddon. The "Respect Bald" head shaving affair that takes place Sunday morning to help children with cancer. I don't have much hair, but what hair I do have, I style into a mohawk which I enjoy very much. But if I can help kids with cancer by raising money and shaving my head with Cubs skipper Joe Maddon, they can shave my eyebrows too! Scratch that... just the head and beard.

I started a GoFundMe to raise the $100 I need to participate in this shearing soirée. I hope we can raise more, and I'll tell Joe Maddon that this big fat check is from the Cubs fan faithful at Bleed Cubbie Blue. I'll have my girlfriend and cousin video the event on two cameras while Joe Maddon, a few Cubs "players to be named later," and yours truly will shave our heads bald to "Respect Bald." Let's raise a boat load of money for kids with cancer!

It all happens tomorrow! From the link above, here's how you can participate even after the Cubs and Joe Maddon head on to the ballgame:

The Respect Bald event will continue during Sunday's Cubs vs. Padres game at Sloan Park ... fans may participate from approximately 12:30p.m. to 2 p.m. inside the right field gate near the Cubs Store and outside the gates near the Cubs Store for fans who would like to participate but do not have game tickets... for $50, fans will receive a head shave, T-shirt and a great feeling knowing they have helped support children with cancer.

Thanks in advance. I put in the first $20. Here's the link to participate in my GoFundMe. or you can click on the image below.