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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 21

More preparations are being made for Opening Night.

14 days from today, baseball will be played at Wrigley Field. It will still be an active construction site, though, and BCB's David Sameshima has more details:

I arrived at 2:30 p.m. It was 45 degrees (+40 wind chill). There was activity along the right field bleacher wall. Gravel was being moved around. The baskets are now up along the bleacher wall in the right field corner. A few steel workers were up in the bleacher structure. In left field, the work appeared to be concentrated on the jumbotron structure. Major excavation work appears to have begun in the triangle lot.I did end up speaking with some residents on the sidewalk outside the ballpark. I learned that construction workers have started inquiring about renting parking spaces. The workers have been informed that they will have to make their own parking arrangements when the season starts. Until now, workers have been instructed to park in the Green Lot. Of course this will not be possible, during the season. Expect street parking to be more congested on day game days, when permit parking restrictions are not in effect.

You can see the installation of the right-field basket by workers in two photos taken by Mike Bojanowski on Saturday (photos 7 and 8) and the completed work in photo 9.

Two weeks to go, and still no sign of any of the actual video board parts. Those would have to be delivered and installed soon, you'd think.