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The Cubs 'Respect Bald' Charity Event!

BCB's Danny Rockett and a couple dozen Cubs players shaved their heads to help kids with cancer in Joe Maddon's "Respect Bald" event.

Thanks to the generosity of BCB readers and a surprise last-minute anonymous donor, I was able to donate a total of $835 to Joe Maddon's "Respect Bald" head shaving event that took place Sunday at Sloan Park. Thank you to all who donated!

What an event! Manager Joe Maddon and Cubs stars Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo plus coaches Tim Buss and Dave Martinez and a few dozen players and generous fans, braved the razor to give Cubs fans a unique opportunity to see Cubs players losing their locks to benefit Maddon's kids cancer charity, "Respect Bald."

Dave Martinez donated $500 to allow five lucky fans a free haircut. Maddon signed autographs for kids, including my cousin Allegra. The players selfied, chatted, and joked. It was a hilarious stunt to help sick kids, but also a great way to build camaraderie amongst Cubs players, coaches and fans alike.

I gave my mohawk and about $80 of my own dough to 'Respect Bald" and took as many pictures as I could. What a treat to be shorn next to catcher Welington Castillo! I had so much fun during this event, I immediately started growing my hair again so I can participate next year, though I fear I'll have less and less to donate each Spring. But you could certainly feel the Cubbie love during the 'Respect Bald" event. A great time for a great cause!

Enjoy the pics! Help me caption these photos!

Also this grainy video my sister shot... I am quoted as saying, "I hope I don't have any zits on my head or weird bumps."