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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 23

The ballpark construction project looks pretty cool in the snow.

With just 13 days remaining until baseball is going to be played at Wrigley Field, Monday was much more of a winter wonderland around the ballpark. Five or six inches of snow fell in many areas around the city and that seems to have slowed work down, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

I arrived at 10:15 a.m. It was 29 degrees (+19 wind chill). There was a steady wet snow coming down. Lots of workers were milling about by Gate D, and some by Gate K. Some appeared to be heading out for coffee, or something to eat. Others were returning to the ballpark.Besides clearing snow, I only saw work activity taking place in a few areas. There were two workers in the left-field upper deck, where the new display "ribbon" has been installed. I also spotted some workers on the west side of the ballpark. They may have been reinstalling the fence. I did see a truck delivering supplies, and another delivering equipment. Other than that, I just spent my visit taking lots of pretty winter scene photos. It wasn't a heavy snowstorm, just a steady wet snow. When I finally left at 11:00 a.m., it was still coming down. It was just a miserable morning. I was cold and wet, and happy to leave.

With temperatures forecast around 40 today and near 50 tomorrow, most of the snow will melt and work can resume. We should have more photos here tomorrow.