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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 26

The countdown to Opening Night is at nine.

In addition to construction, there's much activity around Wrigley Field trying to get the ballpark open for the business of baseball starting April 5. BCB's David Sameshima caught images of both in his Thursday visit. Here's his report:

I arrived at 2:15pm. It was 40 degrees (+32 wind chill). There didn't appear to be any major changes in the bleachers today. There were steel deliveries in progress on both sides, so things should be picking up again.Gate D was busy again, with supply deliveries. There are many Cubs work carts in the area now, in addition to the construction work carts. Also, Cubs players banners are now posted above Gate D.The most visible change was the removal of the construction fences from Clark and Addison. Now there are barricades in place, as they are still cleaning up the area. There are also wet paint signs along the Addison Street wall, so be careful.

In news related to the construction, the Cubs were granted permits yesterday to build the "Wintrust" sign on top of the jumbotron, and a "Budweiser" sign on the right-field side. Here's the Wintrust permit info and here's the Budweiser permit info. You can see links to various other parts of the project on those pages. It's quite interesting to see the costs attached.

We'll have more photos over the weekend.