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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 27

Eight days to go.

These photos were taken Friday from 7 to 7:30 p.m. With sunset approaching, the ambient light began to fail, all my little camera had was auto-adjust. The roof lights were on, most work at that time seemed to be concentrated at the jumbotron. The steel girder gap in right field has been filled.A curious saga regarding the Gate Q bleacher wall doors seems to be in progress. In Thursday's pics, the newly-reinstalled double-door is obviously the previous door, much the worse for wear, and very evidently ill-fitted to the new opening. Ball-width gaps were apparent on all sides of the gate. By Friday night, not only are the doors gone, the new wooden crossbar is gone as well, and the basket which had been reinstalled atop the gate is now down, and peeled back (photos 7 and 8). We await developments. The basket is also now installed in left field, but this is only visible through small gaps in the fence. I could not get a good image.Here's more about the wood at the top of the bleacher wall at the right-field well. This is now evidently not a concrete form at all, but an actual wooden replacement, perhaps temporary until the right field construction is more complete. The basket is mounted in front of it (photo 6). No clue as to how it looks from the field side.Photo 10 is something we haven't seen in a while, as the gate opening onto Kenmore was open when I passed by.In photo 18, which is of the west facade of the park, you can see video screens on and broadcasting color-bar test patterns.

Mike's planning on stopping by the ballpark sometime today, so we should have more photos here tomorrow.