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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 28

One week from today baseball will be played at Wrigley Field.

Saturday afternoon, as you likely saw in the comments via the photos taken by ballhawk, the jumbotron structure was topped off with an American flag, as is traditional for many construction projects. Before that, BCB's Mike Bojanowski went to Wrigley Field to see what was going on with the project on a brilliantly sunny (but cold!) day. Here's his report:

These photos were taken between noon and 1 p.m. There wasn't much change from what I saw Friday evening and if there were notable changes in the afternoon or evening, I am unaware of them. The jumbotron has now, as you know, been topped off. There is now a substantial hole excavated on the triangle lot, as I was unable to get any elevation on my camera angle, it's difficult to see. The parking tent has begun to be covered. The supervisor's trailer, which had occupied part of that lot, is relocated to Sheffield just north of Waveland. There was no change in the status of Gate Q.The girders in right field now extend to the back of the right-field inner wall (photos 9, 10 and 14).I included a photo of the plaque on the firehouse on Waveland (photo 29). It will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year; it's as much a local landmark as Wrigley.

A few comments from me on the player banners you see on photos 1, 2 and 5. I know some of you have mentioned you don't care for them. Personally, I like them. They dress up areas that otherwise look plain and drab. I suspect that once the renovations are complete and the chain-link fence in the areas in question have been replaced by wrought iron, these banners won't be placed there anymore. For now, they add a little bit of color to the ballpark.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow.