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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 30

The video board began to be assembled on Monday.

Racing against time, the Cubs began assembly of the video board panels during the day Monday. Here's a report from BCB's David Sameshima:

I arrived at 2:15 p.m. It was 53 degrees, with no wind chill temperature. As you can imagine, the ballpark was very busy on Monday. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, they had tarps covering up the left field video installation. It appeared that they had moved all the video components onto the field. It looked like they were lifting components from the field up to the structure. I do have photos of the cable being pulled underneath the video board.I was actually very surprised by what I saw in the far right field corner, where the right-field patio was located. I know a replacement patio is planned. I saw vertical framework installed at the top of where the angled girders are located. I am curious how the area is now being configured. It is confusing me at the moment.I did take a few photos to show how far the upper deck ribbon boards are now extending. It is clear on the first-base side, but I could not get a complete view of the third-base board. I did take a photo to show where the third-base board ends. In these photos, you will also see workers in the upper deck. I am thinking that they were maintenance or cleaning staff, inspecting the seats. When I was leaving, I did see the regular Wrigley Field cleaning staff entering the ballpark. They were dressed to go to work.Besides the player banners displayed outside the ballpark, they have now added No. 14 banners along the top of the ballpark -- a nice touch. The Audi Club signage is now up by the club entrance on Addison Street, next to the Captain Morgan Club. With no fences or equipment in the way, I was able to take an unobstructed view along the Sheffield Avenue sidewalk. Now you can clearly see how far the new bleachers extend toward Sheffield.The limited view through Gate K does show that the concourse is in pretty good shape now. It is looking good for Opening Night.I saw Cubs staff picking up their goodie bags today. The bags contained their new uniform shirts. I did hear from a few that it is still a mess inside, but they will be ready for opening night. I wouldn't wear my Sunday best. Be prepared to get a little dirty. That's why I keep showing how dirty the cars are, around the ballpark. They are quite serious about the "Pardon Our Dust" message.

David will be visiting the ballpark today, so we should have more photos here tomorrow. Also, later today we should have some information from the Cubs regarding Wrigley Field and logistics for the season.