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MLB Bullets Heads To Spring Training

The Mets get a spring training visitor. Curt Schilling discovers how awful the internet is. There are issues in Dodgers camp, but you still can't see them in LA. The Brewers get great robes and a look at Charlie Brown's managerial career.

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Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

I've saved several dozen links over the past two days. Here's the best of them. I'm not all that impressed with them at the moment, but then again, I wasn't all that impressed with the San Francisco Giants or the Kansas City Royals last season, and those two teams turned out OK. So maybe today I'll surprise myself again.

Do we have games today? Oh, it's tomorrow. Well, I guess I'll have something to support the case of  tomorrow being a better day than today.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. The Cubs will play!