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Wrigley Field Construction Update: March 4

The work is ongoing in various parts of the project. They have one month until Opening Night.

I asked BCB's David Sameshima to check out, in addition to his usual rounds when he goes to Wrigley Field, the groundskeeper's cottage which was moved to the Blue Lot last November. I also had him check out the former Miller billboard on top of one of the buildings on Sheffield. He reports on these and some other work going on when he was there Wednesday afternoon:

I arrived around 3:45 p.m. I had left my phone at home. When I checked online later, the temperature was listed as 20 degrees (+5 wind chill). There was more steel up in left field. There are support beams now installed all the way to the left-field corner. There were some steel workers that must have been securing pieces in the left-center field portion of the structure. There didn't appear to be any changes in the center-field patio portion of the structure.There was work taking place in right field. They were putting in gravel in front of the Gate Q area. There were a few contractors working along the inner bleacher wall. I spotted some metal footings in right-center field. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were metal cabinet type boxes. There was a concrete conveyor truck parked in front of the main bleacher entrance. There was a worker who appeared to be cleaning the top portion of it. There weren't any concrete trucks in the outfield during my visit there. There were plenty of concrete trucks making trips to the triangle lot.I did manage to visit the groundskeeper's cottage toward the north end of the Blue Lot. It is parked just short of the Grace Street end, across from 3751 N. Seminary. It doesn't appear to have been touched since its move.I neglected to mention on my last visit that they have moved the work fence out at Kenmore Avenue. Since space is so tight on Waveland, they must have decided to move the fence out slightly onto Kenmore. If they leave it like this, there will be a little less room for the ballhawks to maneuver.

With one month to Opening Night and the Cubs' statement that there could be work going on "during games," it will be an interesting April around the old ballyard.