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Cubs vs. Padres at Mesa Preview, Monday 3/9, 3:05 CT

It's the first spring meeting of the two clubs in 2015.

What is Joe Maddon doing here? Write your own caption
What is Joe Maddon doing here? Write your own caption
Rich Pilling/Getty Images

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- We all know that spring-training records have almost no correlation to regular-season performance. The Dodgers went 7-11 last spring, then won 94 games in the regular season. The Rays were 16-7 in March, 77-85 during the regular season.

Still, it would be nice for the Cubs to come off the field today with more runs than the Padres. The Brewers (0-4) are the only other team without a win this spring.

Cubs lineup:

Fowler CF, Denorfia RF, Rizzo 1B, Castro SS, Montero DH, Olt 3B, Ross C, Coghlan LF, Herrera 2B

Padres lineup:

Maybin CF, Amarista SS, Upton DH, Norris C, Alonso 1B, Gyorko 2B, Middlebrooks 3B, Almonte RF, Dickerson LF

You knew it had to happen, and today's the day: Edwin Jackson makes his first spring start. Honestly, I hope he does really well and there are lots of scouts watching and they all call their GMs right after the game and say, "Trade for this guy!" Others on the Cubs' list today: Kyle Hendricks, C.J. Edwards, Justin Grimm, Jason Motte, Hector Rondon and Pedro Strop.

Originally, Jason Lane was on the Padres' list to start today. However, this tweet from the Padres official account indicates it will be former Cub Andrew Cashner.

Today's game will be on with Len Kasper and Mick Gillispie. Gameday

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today.

For spring-training games, we'll have a first-pitch thread at five minutes to game time and one overflow thread, 90 minutes after game time (because I know how you all like overflow threads!). For today, that will be 3 p.m. CT and 4:30 p.m. CT. These threads will not post individually onto the front page; instead, you can find links to them in the box marked "Chicago Cubs Game Threads" at the bottom of the front page. They will also appear in this StoryStream™. The pitcher box and regular-season stats will return on Opening Day.

Discuss amongst yourselves.