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Cubs Will Allow Food Into Sloan Park

Thanks to the Cubs for quickly addressing this issue.

Al Yellon

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- The recap to Sunday's game included a great deal about Cubs fans being prevented from bringing personal food items like sandwiches, peanuts and sunflower seeds into Sloan Park.

I'm here to tell you that's changing, effective for today's game. Cubs Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs Julian Green contacted me by phone Monday morning to let me know that any fans coming to today's game and future games at Sloan Park will be able to bring small food items in. Green said, "The Cubs apologize for any inconvenience to fans during Sunday's game and will continue to honor the longtime ballpark tradition of bringing personal food items into the park."

Thanks to Julian Green and Cubs management for being proactive on this issue and for acting quickly to restore something that, as noted, is a time-honored tradition not only at spring-training parks, but at major-league stadiums as well.

Thought you'd all like to know.