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Cubs, BCB Form 'Kiss Cam' Partnership

This is a special BCB exclusive on this special day.

Images via Chicago Cubs and Getty Images. Photo illustration: Mike Bojanowski

The Cubs will debut their brand-new video board, currently under construction in left field at Wrigley Field, this Sunday on Opening Night.

It will be the first time the Cubs have had such a board, which will provide revenue to the club through advertising, as well as more information for fans.

And I’m pleased to announce this morning a unique partnership between the Cubs and BCB. You see, under the cover of secrecy the last few months, the Cubs have developed a Kiss Cam program and you can participate!

The team and BCB want you to submit videos of your best kisses for inclusion on the board, before the project ramps up to show couples actually kissing in the ballpark.

Since Wrigley Field has never had a Kiss Cam before, BCB’s Danny Rockett and his lovely girlfriend Nicole graciously offered to demonstrate how it should be done — and not done.

First, don’t do this. Make sure you take your caps off or put them to the side or you won’t even be able to kiss!

Also, make sure you are getting ready to kiss the right person!

You should also make sure the other person wants to kiss you — or you could be in for a nasty breakup when the game is over!

Another example of a kiss gone wrong:

Once you know you are kissing the right person, make sure it’s not a little too much:

And definitely don’t go this far! (The rest was R-rated!)

So now that you know what not to do… here’s Danny and Nicole showing you the right way to kiss on the Kiss Cam. Not too little, not too much, just right!

Now that you know the proper Kiss Cam etiquette, go ahead and practice and then submit your best kisses to BCB and the Cubs will screen all of them and the best ones will be chosen to lead the team into this new era!

Before you do any of this, though, you should probably check a calendar and remember what today is.