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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 10

There was considerable activity at the ballpark on Friday.

With the Cubs out of town for the weekend and improving weather, there was quite a bit of work going on at Wrigley Field Friday. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report:

I arrived to find a concrete truck pulling up to the Sheffield/Addison work gate. As the truck started to back in, a worker opened the gate. This gave me an opportunity to see inside. I saw them assembling what appears to be the framework for the right-field video board on the street.As I continued my walkaround, I saw work continuing at the main bleacher gate. There was another pile of gravel piled up out in front of it. I then saw that wheelbarrows where being used to transfer concrete behind the center field area.As I made my way to left field, I saw that the bucket system was being used to transfer concrete into the left field bleachers. There was excavation work continuing in the triangle lot. In one photo you can see how the wind kicked up, creating quite a dust storm.There was no testing of the video boards, or sound system, during my visit. I also noticed that the blue No. 14 flags gave been replaced by the regular historic flags atop the roof of the upper deck.

David is planning visits to the ballpark both Saturday and Sunday so we'll have more updates tomorrow and Monday.