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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 14

More work on the right-field video board and concrete pours.

Work continues at the ballpark on game days, and from day to day you can see significant progress being made. Also, if you were wondering what happened to the Ernie Banks tarps that were in the bleachers on Opening Night, BCB's David Sameshima found the answer:

I arrived just before 3:00 p.m. They were still busy working in the bleachers. There was a beam going up to the top of the right field video board. There was other work going on along the right field bleachers. They were filling in the gaps between the bleacher patio sections behind the scoreboard. They were lifting more of those concrete forms on to the left field bleachers patio level. They have been busy fixing up the area around the main bleacher gate. A new concrete floor has already been poured on the Waveland Avenue side.Saw the same situation develop by Gate A, with the visiting team bus, the garbage trucks and concession stand workers, that I encountered on Monday. This will be a very busy corner while construction continues. The work gate at Waveland and Clark happened to be open when I walked by, so I happened to see Ernie Banks banners now up along the west side of the balllpark. Due to the construction fences around the triangle lot, these banners are not very visible to the public. They can be partially seen above the Clark Street work gate, across from McDonald's.As I was leaving, I happened to spot a sign on the dashboard of a livery car on Addison. The name plate "Ricketts" was prominently displayed on the dashboard. I did not see any passengers in the car.

David's going to be visiting the ballpark again today and when I get there for tonight's game I'll try to tweet out some more photos of what's going on inside.