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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 15

Here are some photos from Wednesday that show how a ballgame wraps around construction.

Yes, I know. You're not really interested in this tonight because of the Kris Bryant news, but I was busy with other things all day and unable to get this posted earlier. So, here it is, just so we continue to have a daily record of goings-on with the construction project. Here's the full report from BCB's David Sameshima:

I arrived just before 4:00 p.m. I was able to catch the contractors still working before they shut down for the day. They were working, but it didn't appear that they were in the middle of anything too major, with the game only a few hours away. They did add tarps to the safety lines around the back of the left field video board. That does at least add some color back there.I did forget to comment on something Tuesday. The players are taking batting practice in a temporary batting cage under the right field bleachers. As you have seen, there has been a white tent that was put up a few weeks ago along the right field inner wall. I suspected that it was erected for construction purposes for some protective service. I did not think they would set up batting cages in an active construction area. They must have an arrangement where not work takes place in that area when players are using it. It's so quiet along Sheffield so I could clearly hear the players taking their cuts.That brings me to another point: They have significantly cut down on the sound out on Sheffield and Waveland Avenues. There's no problem holding a conversation out on the street now. Since there was not much going on, I expected Wednesday's visit to be a relatively quick one. I ended up seeing many people that I know outside the ballpark, and ended up staying until the bottom of the sixth inning. As a result I saw how they put away the batting practice equipment, and how they take down the left field video board protective netting. I also took a few nighttime photos before I finally left.

David also went to the park Thursday so we should have another photoset here on Friday morning.