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Friday Was Kris-mas Day At Wrigley Field!

BCB's Danny Rockett photographs Wrigley on Kris-mas Day.

Despite the swings and misses on the part of Kris Bryant and the cataract-laden umpires, it was colorfully warm for April at Wrigley Field today. Looking at the forecast, it seems Friday, April 17 will go down as Chicago's only day of spring this year. I hope you enjoyed it.

I certainly did. With the Friendly Confines abuzz in Kris Bryant anticipation, I haven't seen Cubs fans so bee bonneted since Javier Baez arrived to save the universe in Colorado last year. Unfortunately, Kris Bryant wasn't bequeathed a 12th inning to hit a game winning homer like Javy. I knew today was going to be unlucky when the seats we sat in happened to be in the same section as the season tickets of my girlfriends Ex and his new wife. We moved, but never found better seats. Nonetheless, there is life on the north side of Chicago.

Swings and misses, vendor summonses, fenced off construction, argyle socks, rally caps, bomber hats, bucket boys, ballhawks, monkey Maddon shirts, Korean Vets, Gluten-Free guy and a goat all make an appearance in this gallery.

*A request. Please stop cheering Kris Bryant so loudly, I think it makes him nervous.

Merry Kris-mas Everyone!