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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 17

Photos from both inside and outside on Kris Bryant Day.

BCB's David Sameshima went to the game Friday -- I gave him my ticket since I couldn't make it. So he was able to take photos of the project and other Kris Bryant Day festivities both inside and outside Wrigley Field. Here's his report:

Al was kind enough to offer me his ticket to Friday's game. I gladly accepted his offer. Of course I took the opportunity to take photos of the bleachers from inside the ballpark. Thanks Al.It was actually quite interesting to get there early, to observe the activities along Waveland Avenue before the game. As you can see, it was very active. It was best to stay back, with all the truck traffic outside Gate K/J.There was a crowd outside the VIP/Players parking lot. In particular fans were hoping to see Kris Bryant. The group had to be moved aside on some occasions to allow construction vehicles to maneuver. Once inside, I did take many photos of the bleachers. I have quite a few photos for you to look at. A few photos will illustrate how much dust is in the bleachers right now.There was quite a roar from the crowd when Kris Bryant took the field to do some last-minute stretching, before the lineups were announced. As you have already probably read in other news accounts, there was an incredible amount of energy in the crowd.After the game, it was fascinating to see how things have changed, due to the construction work. I finally had the opportunity to witness the privacy curtain in use on Waveland Avenue. This curtain is being used so players can walk across Waveland to the new VIP/Players parking lot. The former players parking lot, next to the ballpark, is now part of the triangle lot construction zone.The dynamics have certainly changed with very little opportunity now to obtain player autographs. The upper half of the curtain is made of a material so one can see who is passing through. Fans continued to line up along the curtain. The curtain does cause issues for those just wanting to travel on Waveland Avenue. Besides fans leaving the game, there were commuters coming from the Red Line train who were confused by the blocked street.

You can see how close they are to getting seating into the left-field bleachers. The concrete is almost finished and with better weather, should be within a week or so, I'd think. There are still 23 days until left field is supposed to open. There might not be many amenities in the bleachers -- concession stands likely won't be there, though restrooms will, since those were not demolished -- but I believe seating will be ready to go when the Cubs meet the Mets Monday night, May 11.

David will be visiting the park later today and also Sunday and Monday.