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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 18

More work on a game day.

I arrived just as gates opened, at 11:20 a.m. The crowd at Gate F quickly filtered into the ballpark. I did not see much work taking place, as they were already shutting down construction work for the day. I did see fences being installed along the outer edge of the left field bleacher patio. I also took photos of a new wall along part of the west side of the ballpark. Not much else to report about the construction.Like the past few days, I just walked around to document the scene outside the ballpark. Since I arrived just as the gates opened, it was relatively quiet outside Wrigley during my walk around. It was around noon that activity once again picked up outside. The crowd had to be cleared at Waveland and Sheffield when a concrete truck was pulling out.

One note from me: Take a look at the no-parking sign in photo 8. That's a leftover from before Waveland was narrowed. There's no parking at all on this section of Waveland now. I assume eventually this sign will be removed.

Also, the fence that you can see being installed in the back of the left-field concourse area (photos 5-9) is essentially identical to the back fence that existed from 2006-14 in the bleachers that were torn down at the end of last year, yet another indication that the seating areas, in general, will look very much like they did at the end of last season -- only larger.Weather permitting, David will have more photos of the construction project tomorrow. With steady rain expected much of Sunday, there might not be much work going on.