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Cub Tracks Prepares To Head Home

Jon Lester is ready for Opening Night. Jason Hammel is ready to deal with the renovations. Welington Castillo is happy to still be a Cub. Plus a new hoagie sandwich, more rankings and prospect love, and a card full of homers in Thursday's Cub Tracks.

Three more days until Opening Night, Jon.
Three more days until Opening Night, Jon.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I really wish I had a chance to take a mulligan on Tuesday's Cub Tracks title, because I don't know how I possibly passed up the slam-dunk title of "Cub Tracks Is An Apogee Of Wrongs". I mean, that's a once-in-a-lifetime title there. And I went with the ersatz second choice instead. Man, I'm just not on my game.

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  • When in doubt about an important business decision, follow the Crane Kenney approach and ask yourself: "Is this a noodle?"


Today's food for thought: