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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 1

This update is brief, and there's an unfortunate reason.

This week is a busy one at Wrigley Field with the left-field video board being installed and preparations being made for the season, which begins in just four days.

BCB's David Sameshima, who has been doing tremendous work for all of us all winter, had an unfortunate accident while setting up to take photos:

I was attaching the camera to the monopod. Both my original and borrowed monopods have a quick release attachment. The quick release on my borrowed monopod is an older version. I had been careful in order to get used to this older mechanism. It is not as secure as mine. I thought it was locked in. I left go of the camera, and held the monopod. The camera was at chest level, when the camera slipped off the top of the monopod onto the Sheffield Avenue sidewalk. The lens snapped off the body.

Well, obviously this isn't a good thing. David did send these few photos that show some of the work going on today. When I get back to Chicago I'm going to let David borrow my Nikon D5200 for the duration of the construction project. Until then, if Mike Bojanowski is available I'll ask him to head to the ballpark to take some photos this weekend.

Here is a complete list of procedures for Opening Night and beyond, from the Cubs website.