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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 21

It was very, very windy at Wrigley Field Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier in the Wrigley Field construction project, it was said that the only things that would likely stop work would be extremely cold temperatures or high winds. We had a lot of those cold temps in February, with a few days' delay resulting.

Tuesday was a day of high winds in Chicago, but work did continue at the Wrigley construction project, and BCB's David Sameshima was there:

I arrived just before 2:00 p.m. It was 50 degrees, with a wind chill of 42 degrees. My phone showed the current wind conditions at 26 miles per hour, coming out of the west. As soon as I got to the ballpark, I could confirm those high winds. As soon as I stepped over to the corner of Addison and Sheffield, the wind blew down the crowd control barricade in front of the Gate D. I stepped over to take a look down Sheffield Avenue, as a security person came over to pick up the barricades. I was shocked to see workers up in the right field video board structure. I was surprised to see them up there with the high wind gusts.The wind did change my approach to taking photos Tuesday. I did not use the monopod to take any photos over the top of the fence. I did not change lenses on my DSLR camera. I just stuck to using one lens, to avoid having dirt blown inside my camera. I used my pocket camera more frequently, as it was easier to protect against the dirt being blown about.They were proceeding to install the fence along the back of the bleachers. They were pouring concrete on the bleacher patio level along left field. They were using the bucket transfer system, and were working in left center field during my visit. I did not see any work being done along the exterior bleacher wall on Waveland Avenue. This was below where they were pouring concrete, so this makes perfect sense.I was surprised to see them digging on Sheffield, just in front of Gate R/VIP Gate. They appeared to be digging rather deep.

David will return to Wrigley Wednesday and hopefully find it a little less windy! We'll have more photos here tomorrow.