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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 22

Lots of work in the right-field bleachers and on the exterior bleacher wall on Wednesday.

I arrived just after 2:30 p.m. My phone showed that it was 44 degrees, with a wind chill of 34 degrees. There was a 17 mph north-northwest wind. Much better than Tuesday's wind conditions. A one point during my visit, snowflakes did start coming down. It was that cold.There was an odd atmosphere around the ballpark. There would be pockets of lots of activity, with lots of noise. I would then move over to another area, where there was almost dead silence and no activity.There was lots of work taking place above and below the right field bleachers. Besides crews working on top, they were beginning to install bracing under the right center field bleachers. This does raise the question of what will happen to the temporary batting cage tent under the right field bleachers. They will have to put in bracing for the concrete forms. The tent will probably have to be removed. They continued to install fences along the back of the bleachers, along right field. They were also doing more work around Gate Q.Next to the main bleacher entrance, they have installed what looks like a walk-in cooler. That's my guess. Anybody else have any ideas on what this is?On the Waveland Avenue side, they are continuing to lay down the concrete blocks that are forming the base of the exterior bleacher wall. It appears that they have also put up frames where gates will be placed along the wall.Some of the work gates around the triangle lot were open to allow equipment to pass. I took these opportunities to take some photos through the open gates. You can see how walls are now in place, along the west side of the ballpark.

We'll have more photos tomorrow.