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Cubs Hot n' Spicy Plays Of The Week

Here are some of the best, weirdest, and most interesting Cubs plays of the last several days.

This is the hit that started the wacky play eventually called "Kris Bryant's Little League home run"
This is the hit that started the wacky play eventually called "Kris Bryant's Little League home run"
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

There have been quite a number of wacky and unusual plays that have happened to the Cubs this week, and so I chose five key/interesting/weird plays that happened over the last five games, since Sunday. Let's look at all five of them, in chronological order, then I'll let you all vote on what you think is the best of the five.

Sunday at Wrigley Field: Jon Lester throws his entire glove with the ball inside to Anthony Rizzo for an out against the Padres.

This was a heads-up play, and perfectly legal. Lester couldn't get the ball out of his glove so he threw the whole thing over. Rizzo didn't need to drop his own glove to catch it, but I guess he figured it would be easier to catch a glove without a glove on. Too bad it didn't help the Cubs win the game.

Monday at Pittsburgh: Kris Bryant's "Little League home run."

That's what Len Kasper tabbed Bryant's wacky run around the bases, where he apparently just didn't feel like stopping while the Pirates were busy flinging the ball around the infield. Bryant would likely have been out at the plate if Francisco Cervelli could have held on to Josh Harrison's relay, but he didn't. It went as a two-RBI double and an error.

Tuesday at Pittsburgh: Bryant snares a line drive off Josh Harrison's bat.

As Jim Deshaies said about Bryant: "Thanks for being tall."

Wednesday at Pittsburgh: Bryant's debut in center field.

This wasn't a spectacular play, but the fact that he made this play so nonchalantly, looking like he had been playing center for years, speaks to Bryant's ability to do just about anything on the field.

Thursday at Pittsburgh: Chris Denorfia's diving catch.

It didn't have any impact on the eventual result, but Denorfia's diving, laying-flat-out-on-the-warning-track catch certainly will make a lot of 2015 highlight reels.

It's just coincidental that I have one from each of the five games so far this week, and I hadn't necessarily intended to make this all about Bryant, but he was involved in some key and interesting plays.

So now it's your turn. Vote for your favorite among these five (or maybe you have another choice).

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