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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 23

Slow but steady progress marked Thursday's work at the ballpark.

Work continued at Wrigley Field on a sunny, but chilly Thursday, and BCB's David Sameshima was there to document the progress:

I arrived just before 3:00 p.m. There were no high winds, so I went back to using the monopod for a few over the fence photos. No dramatic changes Thursday, but there was a lot of general work taking place around the work site.They are still working on putting up bracing under the right field bleachers to prepare for the concrete forms that will be going in. On the left field side, they were setting up to pour more concrete. With them setting up to pour concrete in the right field bleachers, I do wonder what will happen with the temporary right field bleacher batting cage tent. The tent will have to be removed so bracing can be set up. Will they have to wait until the area under the left field bleachers is available, so a temporary batting cage can be set up on that side?There wasn't much traffic on Waveland Avenue, so I was able to walk up to the work gates on that side. You can see how much work has been done in the triangle lot (photos 23-30).They were still shuttling concrete blocks from the triangle lot to the area in front of Gate F (under the marquee). There the blocks were transferred to smaller forklifts to be driven into the concourse.The Race To Wrigley 5K/10 Run will be taking place Saturday morning. This will probably affect the work schedule for Saturday, with many streets blocked off during the event.

We'll have more photos tomorrow. The crews still have three days (plus early Monday) before fans start returning to Wrigley for the Cubs' upcoming homestand against the Pirates and Brewers.