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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 24

Preparations were being made for the Race to Wrigley Friday, as well as more progress on both sides of the bleachers.

Wrigley Field was busy with lots of activity Friday, not all construction-related, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

I arrived before 1:00 p.m. I was confused at first by a tent I saw erected where the visiting team buses pull up on Sheffield Avenue. I then realized that this was for Saturday's Race To Wrigley event. They were also preparing the Player's/VIP parking lot tent for race-related activities. This also explains why player cars were not parked there during the current road trip.They were pouring concrete in front of Gate Q on Sheffield. They were also pouring in the upper bleacher level under the left field video board. Waveland was filled with the boards removed from the concrete pouring. Sheffield was now being filled with the bracing supplies used from the left-field concrete pouring.They were putting up scaffolding on the beacher patio behind the scoreboard, where the new stairs will be built leading to the upper center field seating area. The new bleacher design calls for the stairs to no longer lead down to left and right fields. You will also see that quite a bit of concrete has been put down in the triangle lot. Waveland was filled with construction equipment, and trucks related to the Race To Wrigley event.

The rain Saturday will likely slow down construction progress. We stand just 16 days from when the left-field bleachers are supposed to open. I still believe they'll make it. There might not be anything in the bleachers other than seating and restrooms, but I do think they'll be open.