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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 25

A rainy day brought one significant change to the ballpark.

As you know, Saturday was a wet, miserable day in most of the Chicago area. Thus, there wasn't much going on at Wrigley Field -- except for one change you will notice on Monday, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

I did initially plan to visit Wrigley, but almost changed my mind. I was running around on errands, and a steady drizzle continued to come down. I figured there was no point in visiting during the day on Saturday. I was still out running errands and decided to just use the pocket camera I had with me. I planned to just take a few photos to show nothing going on and then head home.Of course, while I was on the way to the ballpark, the sun came out. It did continue to drizzle, even with the sun now out. When I did arrive at Wrigley, around 3:30 p.m., it did finally stop drizzling. When I got there, I found what I expected: nothing significant was going on at Wrigley. I did hear some noise and saw that there were some workers in left field. They were dismantling the bracing under the bleachers used to hold the concrete forms. That's when I noticed something looked different in the left field bleachers. The "ribbon" video board has been removed from its temporary location in back of the bleachers. They must have relocated it to its permanent location on top of the left field bleacher wall.

I'll take some photos when I'm inside Wrigley for Monday's game. David will continue to visit to document the exterior of the project. The fact that they have (apparently) relocated that left-field board must mean they're getting ready to install fencing at the back of the bleacher seating area -- and maybe the bleacher benches, too.