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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 2

The video board is live! Plus, bleacher concrete forms have begun to be placed.

BCB's David Sameshima is nothing if not dedicated. He went to Wrigley Field Thursday afternoon with a backup camera to record some images for us of the testing of the left-field video board, and also found that they were beginning to lay in some of the concrete seating forms for the left-field bleachers.

Here's the rest of his report from Thursday:

My main objective was to document what I could of the video board installation. That was the big news today, but there were also so many other photo opportunities around the ballpark today. Due to deadline issues, I will restrict this post to just the video board, and a few other matters. I will later be sending Al additional Thursday photos on the other things going on around the ballpark.The video board was not on when I first arrived. I was surprised to see a new video screen being tested in the upper deck. I am referring to the small board that displays the pitch speed, along with scores and other information. I had forgotten about it. Of course that display was upgraded with all the other video displays.I was about to leave when I noticed that colors were being displayed on the board. A small group formed at the alley on Sheffield across from Gate D. That is the only location where the video board is visible from the street. We all just waited as the colors occasionally changed. Finally a partial 1060 Project logo appeared. It stayed like this until around 2:30 or so; that's when I had to leave. Before I left Mike Bojanowski also made a visit.I received a call around 5:30 from a friend who is a bleacher regular who sits with Al and Mike. He was at Wrigley and kind of surprised that I wasn't there. They were showing various photos on the video board. I decided to make another trip back.When I arrived, there was a fixed image of Ernie Banks on the display. It didn't change. I decided to walk around to take more photos. I did spot the new banners for the radio booth. It just looked so odd seeing the WBBM logo instead of WGN. Mike Bojanowski also decided to make another trip back, and joined me for a while. I'll be sending Al more photos of my evening visit to post tomorrow.

Thanks to all those who suggested a GoFundMe to help David replace his equipment that was accidentally broken. I'm working on this and hope to have something to report back to you tomorrow -- I'm again on the road all day today driving back to Chicago from spring training. I also want you to know that I already told David I would personally replace his original monopod that broke a couple of weeks ago. It's the least I can do for all the work he's done documenting the Wrigley construction.

As noted, David did take more photos Thursday and I'll have those plus some from Friday, sometime tomorrow.