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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 29

The exterior walls are now going up quickly.

BCB's David Sameshima had a busy day Wednesday and so couldn't spend much time at Wrigley Field, but still found enough time to file this report:

I usually arrive on the Sheffield Avenue side of the ballpark, and was surprised to see the garbage truck parked just inside the construction gate. They have been trying to keep the gate clear, so this was a different setup. Maybe the visiting team didn't care for arriving, and departing, next to the garbage.I did not have a chance to take exterior photos of the ballpark on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I saw that they are now putting up the exterior bleacher wall on the Sheffield Avenue side. On the left field side, they are now putting in a staircase leading to the upper patio level, under the video board.That pretty much sums up the major changes that I noticed on Wednesday's visit.

It appears to me as if they're making very fast progress on these exterior walls, enough to have them up and ready to go for the left- and center-field bleachers to open May 11 as scheduled.

We'll continue to document this project until it's complete -- and that includes work on the triangle lot, which will continue throughout the summer.