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Cubs Hot 'n Spicy Plays Of The Week

We're back with more interesting and cool plays from the last several games.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Even with a rainout last Saturday and a pretty bad loss Wednesday, there were still several key plays that I wanted to present to you as Play of the Week selections. Let's get right to them!

Friday 4/24: Cubs fan catches foul ball in his cap in Cincinnati:

Nice play by this fan wearing an Ernie Banks jersey. Could the Cubs use him as a defensive replacement?

Tuesday 4/28: The Cubs execute two double steals in one inning:

This rare feat hadn't been accomplished by a Cubs team since 1997 before Dexter Fowler and Anthony Rizzo did it, followed by Kris Bryant and Starlin Castro, in the fourth inning.

Tuesday 4/28: Castro makes a terrific diving catch and holds the ball in ice-cream-cone fashion:

Malign Castro's defense if you will, but he's made quite a number of excellent plays this year.

Tuesday 4/28: Bryant tags out Corey Hart on a heads-up play after Hart overruns third base:

This was a heads-up play where Hart was called safe on the field, but review showed Bryant clearly tagged him before he got back to the base.

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